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Laetrile; Cancer expert spills the beans.

Anyone who begins delving into alternative cancer soon hears about Laetrile, which comes from apricot kernels. It’s an alternative that never seems to go away. Dr Ralph Moss is a cancer crusader. He has taken it upon himself to report on all new or promising cancer therapies no matter where they come from. This talk […]

More on Vitamin C vs. Molecular Hydrogen

Given that an average orange has around 70mg of Vitamin C, and megadoses commonly suggested for serious disease are in the range of 1000mg, this equates to 14 oranges. I love oranges but that doesn’t seem a good way to go. I think my bowels may have something to say about that! So what’s the […]

Weight Loss from Alkalizing with SevenPoint2

I’m getting excellent reports from people taking on the weight loss challenge using our new SevenPoint2 aproducts in a method recommended by Dr Howard Cohn, cofounder of SevenPoint2. I’m going to cut and paste info about it below. If you feel like it’s time for a life change, contact us and we’ll arrange a program […]

Toilet to Tap Approach Challenged

A study published on November 30, 2013 in the journal Food and Environmental Virology found that “Treated sewage, when discharged into the environment, can … contain high levels of waterborne pathogenic viruses (1).” The Center for the Biology of Chronic Disease (CBCD) reviews the report and highlights the link between cancer and treated water.

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