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Broccoli Sprouts for cancer

Every now and then Dr Joe Mercola does a great report. Today is such a day. He writes about broccoli sprouts and discusses their cancer countering ability. In my experience whenever something this good appears it gets banned, so I suggest buying up broccoli seeds now! Here’s his report.

ORP: The Facts and the Fallacies

In this short video Ian shares his 15 years’ experience of ORP – the measure used by most sellers to ‘prove’ their water is an antioxidant.

What do YOU do with YOUR Wipes?

I’m plugged into a lot of news sites so I learn some very interesting things along the way. One that came to my attention yesterday was this article on the high cost incurred by the habit of dropping kitchen ‘wipes’ down the toilet. Here’s the article.

New Podcast!

Hooray! John Biethan, our man on the ground in USA also happens to be an accomplished health podcaster. These first 3 podcasts are the first of many and were done in a  noisy Anaheim restaurant with myself and Graham, our GM. Click on the image to have a listen.  

What are the deadliest foods that cause us the most inflammation?

Ask yourself the following question and mark down how many of them you respond “yes” to: Do you feel stiff when you get up from sitting? Are any of your joints sore when you fully move them? Do your hands feel stiff? Do any of your joints feel swollen? Do you have unexplained nasal congestion? […]

The Inhumanity of the Web overcome.

When your business is on the web there’s often a strange ‘disconnect’ that happens. You pump info into ‘the machine’ and if you’re lucky, something comes out the other end. All very ‘inhuman’. Most of the time you feel like you’re cloud punching – lots of effort but never really touching anyone. I began my […]

Ian’s Weekly Walkabout and Talkabout. Filtering the _____ out of filter claims

This week I’m talking about filter performance claims. It’s a big issue that just gets below the radar of most consumers. If you’ve never sighted our ‘whole-of-life’ laboratory test results, click here. How we calculate a ‘whole of life’ filter test. Firstly we make a calculation on how many litres we expect the filter to […]

Arthritis Drugs or the AlkaWay?

Last week my attention was drawn to a little-known study, from the University of Washington School of Medicine, which found that heavy use of arthritis drugs can seriously increase your risk of dementia. Researchers followed 2,736 dementia-free people aged 65 and older for up to 12 years, during which time 476 developed dementia. Those who were “heavy” […]

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