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A Real Good News Water Story

We are all acutely aware that water is the new ‘gold’ and I expect that much of the conflict, especially in the third world, is about the right to drink water. Whose water where? So this good news story from Kenya is really a breath of fresh air to me. Underground water reserves discovered in […]

Cairo Egypt? No, Cairo USA has water problems.

CAIRO Illinois residents say the city’s tap water doesn’t look safe to drink after some new changes from the water company. Cairo citizens are now getting their water supply from the ground, rather than the Ohio River, due to repairs at the water treatment plant. Many say they are not happy with the quality of […]

pH vs. AlkalInity and Acid

pH is different than acidity. pH is just a measurement of the activity of the H3O+ ion. Acidity is an intrinsic property of the molecule and has reference the its pKa. In other words one molecule like HCl will become H+ and Cl- virtually 100% in water (pKa -9.3), but something like acetic acid will […]

Quote of the week.

“I can spot an acid body across a room,” says Lindsey Duncan, a naturopathic doctor who has helped remold the bodies of Marc Jacobs, Demi Moore, and Miami Dolphin Reggie Bush. “The hair and the skin are dried out, the skin pores are too large, and everything is starting to age prematurely.” Read More

Boil Water Alert: Deerfield Illinois

Residents of Deerfield will have to use boiled water or use bottled water until at least Wednesday at noon. That is because fecal coliform bacteria was found in the water supply. “Fecal coliform is a bacteria that can cause diarrhea, cramps, nausea, headaches or other symptoms,” said Andrew Lichterman, assistant to the village manager. Lichterman […]

How an electric water ionizer actually alkalizes

Tyler Lebaron is a young and brilliant biochemist I met online. he has studied with fellow scientists at Nagoya University, the world centre for molecular hydrogen water studies. Here’s his video, and if you want to know more, his website is here.  

Hard Water and the Heart

  Well, at least I’m up to date. Having just completed my own ‘100+ Studies on Alkaline Water’ I find another report with the name above. I’m still quite at a loss to understand how the big marketers of the world – Coke, Pepsi et al have been able to convince people that neutral pH […]

Coconut Oil Triumph

Most of my readers know that I have had a bout with incipient Alzheimers’. We posted a video on YouTube about it – and it has reached over 170,000 viewers. Here’s one viewer’s response. “Thank you for sharing your touching story with us. I have had my grandmother on coconut oil for the last 2 months […]

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