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Kale: I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Has anyone else noticed how the price of humble kale is going up? Bad, perhaps for you and I – the alkalizing consumer – but good for the population in general because it tells us more people are eating it and prepared to pay for the privilege. There are so many ways to eat kale, […]

Vomit Alert. Diet Pills containing human Flesh

South Korean police have caught two students selling diet pills. They bought them from a Chinese website. Analysis of the pills found banned substances sibutramine, known to cause heart disease, and phenolpthalein. and – in every pill – 100% match on human flesh.

ORP in your blood?

We’ve been talking about ORP for as long as we’ve been in business – over 13 years.  For those of you not aware of it, it’s an indication of the antioxidant power (or oxidant power) of water. An Oxidation/Reduction Potential meter measures the positive or negative electrical charge of the water in millivolts. We’ve come quite […]

How Much is ‘enough’ water?

There is just SO much misinformation on the web about how we should approach the concept of hydration. I recently read a Choice Magazine article on enhanced water, and with the article it claimed that tea and coffee do NOT dehydrate us, claiming scientific studies as proof. I think many of us are confused, and […]

Keegan Smith Trains on AlkaWay Water

A BACKPACKER who chose sleeping on the floor of a Mexican Mayan village over a senior NRL conditioning role is the secret weapon behind the Sydney Roosters’ premiership push. Keegan Smith, son of veteran NRL coach Brian, has revolutionised dieting and strength training at the Roosters this season.Smith is so highly rated as a conditioning […]

Cancer: a telling comment.

Dr Leigh Erin Connealy, MD posted this in the Townsend Letter Letter. A link to the full article is below the quote. The Cancer Cascade  The cancer cascade is a 12-year-long process during which time cells develop into a tumor. First, the cancer cells cloak themselves with fibrin, a substance that makes them invisible to […]

What has a bee and me have in common?

I just read a quite scary article about the findings of scientists studying bee deaths in the US. At first, research identified one range of pesticides called neonicotinoids as the culprit. So the answer was to remove these pesticides from farms, right? Well, now another group of scientists have come up with a more chilling […]

Thank you Glynn!

We LOVE to receive feedback from our happy clients. “I have had IBS troubles for about the last 8 years due to work related stress and poor diet.  Things got worse when my digestion started to shut down.  I discovered that a lack of digestive juices can result from an overly acidic body and so […]

More contaminants found in Bottled water

Some people are aware that plastic containers leach endocrine-disrupting compounds into food and water. Given that the term “endocrine-disrupting” is thrown around a lot, it’s important you understand what this means. Your endocrine system produces hormones that act as chemical messengers that govern certain processes in the body (such as sexual development in young people). […]

Brain Eating Amoeba in your water?

Well, yes, if you are a Louisiana resident. Check it out here then go immediately to our order page. KDF, a very expensive, patented and highly effective media in our Ultrastream, electrocutes amoeba. And as usual with these sort of reports, the authorities seem totally disconnected from reality. Look at this comment. “The water is […]

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