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More contaminants found in Bottled water

Some people are aware that plastic containers leach endocrine-disrupting compounds into food and water. Given that the term “endocrine-disrupting” is thrown around a lot, it’s important you understand what this means. Your endocrine system produces hormones that act as chemical messengers that govern certain processes in the body (such as sexual development in young people). […]

Brain Eating Amoeba in your water?

Well, yes, if you are a Louisiana resident. Check it out here then go immediately to our order page. KDF, a very expensive, patented and highly effective media in our Ultrastream, electrocutes amoeba. And as usual with these sort of reports, the authorities seem totally disconnected from reality. Look at this comment. “The water is […]

A Real Good News Water Story

We are all acutely aware that water is the new ‘gold’ and I expect that much of the conflict, especially in the third world, is about the right to drink water. Whose water where? So this good news story from Kenya is really a breath of fresh air to me. Underground water reserves discovered in […]

Cairo Egypt? No, Cairo USA has water problems.

CAIRO Illinois residents say the city’s tap water doesn’t look safe to drink after some new changes from the water company. Cairo citizens are now getting their water supply from the ground, rather than the Ohio River, due to repairs at the water treatment plant. Many say they are not happy with the quality of […]

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