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Hard Water and the Heart

  Well, at least I’m up to date. Having just completed my own ‘100+ Studies on Alkaline Water’ I find another report with the name above. I’m still quite at a loss to understand how the big marketers of the world – Coke, Pepsi et al have been able to convince people that neutral pH […]

Coconut Oil Triumph

Most of my readers know that I have had a bout with incipient Alzheimers’. We posted a video on YouTube about it – and it has reached over 170,000 viewers. Here’s one viewer’s response. “Thank you for sharing your touching story with us. I have had my grandmother on coconut oil for the last 2 months […]

New Report: 100+ studies of alkaline water

Yes, it’s arrived. Grab it here. It’s been a long and pretty boring debate between ‘regular’ water filter vendors and alkaline water vendors, but frankly, the party is over. A hundred studies from around the world absolutely conclude that given the choice of drinking alkaline water and neutral or acid water, you’re better off on […]

ANOTHER (!) amazing scientific study on Hydrogen water!

This Japanese study is a  beauty! It is quite a large one and includes conclusions on the use of hydrogen water (the same as that produced by the UltraStream) for Cognitive decline, Parkinson’s Disease, Atherosclerosis, Metabolic Syndrome, adverse effects of chemotherapy, allegic reactions. Not only that, how’s this for a powerpacked paragraph? “It has been […]

Rheumatoid Arthritis: Study shows hydrogen water may assist.

Hydrogen water is what we do. Using O-Dobi Media in our UltraStream filter we create water with High (higher than normal H2O) levels of hydrogen. We also increase vital levels of magnesium and calcium but that’s another benefit I will touch on later. Up until now this involved the purchase of a complex and expensive […]

Why I Drink Ionized Water

An obvious question that i could answer in so many ways.. but here’s a bit part of my reasoning. It’s a quote from Gizmag. ” In the United States, about one in every 20 people admitted to a hospital will end up with a healthcare acquired infection, or HAI. Of those people, approximately 100,000 die from […]

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