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The Disadvantage of Natural Water Ionization with the UltraStream

You’ll pay more for your filter. After all it’s a fabulous filter, it’s much bigger than the standard electric filter, and we just decided to spare no expense in the world’s best highest performance filtration media. Compare this to the filters supplied as standard from the top end electric water ionizer people. Theirs will normally […]

AlkaStream Continues to Rock: A Great Story by an AlkaStream User

“After only 2 months of having this water filter, at my next hemaview, all my red blood cells were plump, round and separate from each other and I even had white blood cells! Apart from using the AlkaStream in these 2 months, I haven’t done anything different or changed my diet in any way – […]

One Doctor’s Frustration at the ‘Cancer System’

The more I research the more circumspect I become about what I read. This includes everything I believe in, including alkaline diet, and the many claims I see made for its efficacy. I have my own history of thousands of people who have emailed me and told me of the benefit they experienced, but I […]