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Alkaline Water Report: Chapter 13


Yesterday we introduced you to the simplest, small molecule on the planet and in the cosmos; molecular hydrogen.

Now here’s a little known crazy fact about molecular hydrogen.

FlameWhen Japanese electric water ionizers noticed a flame coming from the spouts of their alkaline water ionizer machines, they panicked.
Fearful of blowing up their customers, they attempted to redesign their machines to stop H2 production!

They still didn’t understand that molecular hydrogen was what made people feel good when they drank the water!

So… is ORP even an indicator of the presence of hydrogen?

Again, this was a conclusion drawn not by any scientist but by the vendors, the salespeople of these machines. And until we had a method of testing for the presence and amount of H2 in the output water, this thesis was incapable of being disproved.

….Enter Tyler LeBaron.


Tyler is a young biochemist from Boise, Idaho. When he bought his MLM electric water ionizer on the promise of future passive income, he was, like all customers of MLM products, excited.

But being a scientist first and a consumer/salesperson second, he began to question the myths he had heard from the salesman who sold it to him.

As a biochemist, he understood that unbuffered pH does not relate to natural alkalinity. He also understood that ORP was not a reliable indicator of antioxidant effect. So he began to research the machine’s origins, especially the actual chemistry of the electrolysis process.

He knew from his own study that molecular hydrogen was the basis of life itself. He understood that it had the most penetrative effect of any element in the body because it was the smallest element in the body. He also understood that molecular hydrogen readily united with certain molecules in the body, possibly with beneficial effects.

His research took him to Japan.

After all, that was where the machine was made. And he discovered something we had no idea of. Nagoya University had been studying the therapeutic effects of molecular hydrogen for almost a decade. They had a whole faculty dedicated to it.

Seizing the moment, young Tyler managed an invite. And there in Japan, he met the scientists who had ten years’ experience on him in the study. He marvelled at how far they had come and realised that what he had been told about his electric water ionizer was no more than a sales spiel.

Back in the US, he decided to get the word out to the water ionizer community. He felt it was something we all should know and understand and that the vendors should ‘cease and desist’ with their inaccurate sales pitches.

It was, perhaps a measure of his age and lack of commercial experience (he was 26 at the time) that when he finally arranged a discussion with the top salespeople of the major MLM company, they were keen to hear what he had to impart. I can only imagine they figured that his information could be woven into their existing sales pitch to lend it more ‘authority’.

And what made it really interesting was that he had brought back a small supply of a secret weapon – a simple reagent etst that could be used to test for the level or concentration of H2 in a liquid. Each drop in a test tube would react and change colour if the H2 was just 0.1 parts per million higher than the drop’s test point. If your water has 0.5 parts per million (per litre) and you added 5 drops of the reagent, the blue colour of the dye in the reagent would clear. Add one more drop, and it would remain blue, indicating that the water sample contained 0.5 parts per million per litre of molecular hydrogen.

This story comes directly from Tyler, as related to me.

The Big seller he had visited invited him into their free water room – a place where people who could not yet afford their own machine could get free water. There were about six machines set up, ready for use.

Tyler went from machine to machine. They all had ‘good’ negative ORP and pH.

But none of them produced any molecular hydrogen!

I can only imagine how the executives of the company reacted. They had brought young Tyler in to hopefully capitalise upon the knowledge he had brought back from Japan.

Instead, his testing demonstrated conclusively that the machines set up in their own offices as demonstrators were not producing what Tyler told them was the actual ‘elixir of life’ – the secret ingredient in the water that actually made people feel better! 

They were just producing unbuffered, unnatural ‘alkaline’ water!

Things changed very fast. A planned presentation by Tyler to their top company distributors was hastily cancelled.

But it was too late. The cat was out of the bag. The secrets of electrolysed water had been revealed.

There’s more to the tale.

When Tyler related this story to us (his Facebook group) many people decided they had to get hold of some of his reagent. When they did, they discovered that their treasured and expensive electric water ionizers were producing little or no molecular hydrogen. 

‘Not happy’ would be an understatement. 

More revelations followed more testing. It became apparent that the prefilter in a water ionizer is linked to the efficiency of H2 infusion. 

If the prefilter isn’t efficient, it allows detritus to get through and into the electrolysis chamber. Once in the chamber, the attractive electrical charge of the electroplates causes it to accumulate. When this happens, the water would still measure high pH, and high negative ORP, but.. No H2!

Now.. that’s not the end.
All electric water ionizers have auto cleanse systems. Some are more efficient than others. Some rely on the owner remembering to reverse the flow of water through the machine to cause the attracting plates to repel and flush out the detritus.

It’s a 20-minute job that wastes all the water used in the process. It was also recommended by the vendor that the machine be sent back to the vendor for ‘deep cleaning’, so it was – and is – an important necessity if your high-cost machine was to be expected to perform at its full potential.

But now users were experimenting.
They were measuring the relationship between this cleaning regime and H2 production, and they discovered that unless the plates were scrupulously cleaned every two weeks for 20 minutes a time, H2 capability soon fell away.

‘Simple’ had become ‘complex’.

It also explained the many stories posted on YouTube of ‘miraculous’ health changes as a result of drinking the water.

Yes, many stories may have been posted because every owner of a machine stood to make a thousand dollars if they sold one, but perhaps those who had this experience benefited from the ‘newness’ of the device. It was generating molecular hydrogen from a set of perfectly clean, detritus-free plates.

Tomorrow: Hydrogen: will it last long enough to drink?

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