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UltraStream Alkaline water filter or Alkaline bottled water

Which is better...

Alkaline bottled water or Alkaline water from a natural water filter. Which is better for you and your family.

Alkaline bottled water

Crunch the numbers...

In 12 months, one UltraStream Natural Alkaline water filter saves over 5,000 single-use 600ml bottles
(that’s a lot of plastic).

Alkaline bottled water

A lot of plastic...

Result of plastic bottles… ready for recycling or just discarded. Such a shame.

A solution...

Use a natural alkalising water filter, like the UltraStream and fill your own reusable water bottle. Simple, easy and saves you lots of money…


UltraStream Alkaline filtered water costs approximately 0.22-0.28 cents per litre.

Store brought Alkaline bottled water costs approximately $2.50-$3.00 per litre.

Cash in your pocket

For 12 months (3,000 litres), one UltraStream Alkalising water filter cost $669 initially then $249 each year after that.

The equivalent Alkaline bottled water cost would be approximately $9,000 each year.

It’s that simple…

It's that simple...

Purchase an UltraStream Alkalising water filter today, and save the environment and money…



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