Our Values

Our Values

We pride ourselves on being ethically transparent and our aim is that all of our actions be driven by our core values:

  • Giving due respect to self and all others
  • Nurturing a supportive and proactive team environment with a common goal of sustainable growth
  • Commitment to providing the best quality products & service to our customers
  • Always acting with honesty, integrity, transparency & heart
  • Utilising our experience to consistently search for ways to educate & generously improve people’s health & wellness

Our Philosophy

quoteIf the medical experts are right, there are only two ways to live – the old, acidic way of endless illness, exhaustion and disease …or the alkaline way.quote

Ian Hamilton, AlkaWay founder

Our brand, AlkaWay, contains our philosophy. It implies that alkaline is a whole way of thinking, a whole way of living and a whole way of being.

We have read enough international research material and scientific evidence to be totally convinced that over-acidification of the human body is the single major cause of almost all illness and disease. We have thousands of unsolicited testimonials from grateful customers attributing their healing and new-found health to our world-leading alkaline water ionisers.