While the Alphion water alkalizer has been discontinued,
we will continue to supply the BioStone filters for the unit click here.

We are happy to announce the all new non electric water alkalizer, the UltraStream,
and also the AlkaWay Kangen 7 electronic water alkalizer both designed by AlkaWay Australia

Alphion Alkaliser Ionizer

Alphion Water Alkaliser / Ionizer

Style, Simplicity, Health Power

This latest Alphion Water Alkaliser has five of the most advanced platinum-titanium electrodes in the world, developed jointly by Toyo University Japan and Emco Tech, South Korea. When a cross section of an electrode is examined at 700 times magnification, you can see that the electrodes are patterned with a super fine mesh with very distinct points and valleys. This greatly increases the surface area and performance of the water alkaliser plates without having to increase the size of the Alkaliser.

Jupiter / Emop Tech Water Ionizers

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1 Years Limited Warranty

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Note: warranty does not cover repairs caused by customer neglect or by failure to stop the build-up of calcium in hard water areas.(Conditions Apply)

The Alphion Water Ionizer Technology.

Alphion Ionizer Mesh Titanium Electrodes

Use of Mesh Titanium

One of the things we have done to improve our electrolytic cell was to cover our ionizing plates with titanium mesh. The increased surface area of the mesh increasers the electrolytic potential of our water cells which makes the ORP (oxidation reduction potential) far high that other models.

Alphion Ionizer Platinum Titanium Electrolytic Cell

Platinum Titanium Electrolytic Cell

Jupiter Science water ionizers create healthy, clean, ionized, alkaline water from tap water.

Alphion Ionizer Automatic Clean

Double Automatic Reverse Cleaning

The DARC system is an automatic cleaning device which completely removes the calcium build-up from the water ionizer chamber and electrodes which acts to extend the life of the chamber itself

Alphion Ionizer Water Flow Control Device

Automatic Water Pressure Control Device

Water pressure can be controlled by opening and closing the existing water faucet but according to each area's water pressure as each area has its on particular water pressure, we have added this feature to maintain a constant water pressure.

Alphion Ionizer Ionizer Micon System

Micon System

The micon System is a microcomputer that controls all functions and maintains suitable water pH according to the volume of water flow. It features a self-diagnosis and a one-touch system for all functions. If there is an electrical overload due to water quality or industrial pollutants such as mercury, the Micon System disables ionization.

Full details of the Alphion Water Ionizer

So much More than Clean Water ...

Jupiter Science - the world leader in alkaline ionization, offers you their latest models - Alphion JP109.

(aka Orion, IONWAYS, Life and Kangen)

Same inside - delightfully different outside

With a great value price, super reliability, new Biostone filter, fully automated features, 9 levels of pH and ideal ORP range, the Melody has been the preferred ionizer choice in the USA and for such authorities as Sang Whang (author of Reverse Aging) and Dr Robert Young (author of The pH Miracle) for a number of years.

Indeed, no other model has proven to be as reliable, user-friendly and ideally suited to most Australian water conditions.

That is, no other model until Jupiter released the best of the best for those who want clean water AND the ultimate healthy water.
So what makes these latest models- Aquarius and Alphion- even more user friendly and advanced than the Melody?

The new improvements are:

Similar to the Melody - The Aquarius and Alphion also include:

Alphion Water Ionizer Specification

Product Manufacture Permission Number

No. 610


Ion water generator



Input voltage

AC 240V

Input Electricity




Overall dimension


Applicable Water Inflow Pressure


Applicable Water Temperature


Unit Operation Type

One touch

Unit Operation Means

Tap-Water-Open and - Close

Electrolysis Device

Electrolysis Method

Continuous Electrolysis

Electrolysis strength

4 Level

Ionized Water Output Rate

2.5L-3L/Min(Alkaline+Acidic water)

Cleaning Device


Electrode Materials

Platinum and Titanium

Water Purifying Device

Filter Replacement

Easy Replacement Cartridge

Filter Life

     Activated Carbon Filter:Approx 5-6 Month
( Basic 20 Liter/Day )

Filter Life Indicator

FND Indication

Filter Composition

Silver impregnated Carbon
option-hollow filter membrane

Water Purifying Device

Temperature Sensor / Auto Shut Off

Water Supply

Direct Connection to a Tap

Biostone Alkaline Water Filter Details

Biostone Ionizer Water Filter Cartrige

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