Acid Alkaline Food Chart

What's For Dinner, Mum?...and is it alkaline or acidic?

The ION LIFE Alkaline/Acid Food Chart tells you.. and more.

High Quality Gloss-printed A2 size wall chart.

Developed by Ian Blair Hamilton, founder, AlkaWay, using the very latest research from German scientists.

Unlike other charts available, German researchers look at what type of acids a food contains and rate their acid effect by how that acid reacts with the body. (Alkaline forming & Acid forming) This more comprehensive approach has allowed a far more effective method of rating our popular foods and planning your own '80/20' alkaline/acid diet. The data was derived from the work of Dr. Susan Brown, who co-wrote The Acid Alkaline Food Guide, also available from AlkaWay. (click here)

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(Made from glossy cardboard & Comes protected in mailer tube)

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