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For those of you who are here because you’ve seen our Alzheimers’ Video,

I’m updating this page 27th January 2013 after over 120,000 people have viewed our little video.

Tomorrow we return from six months in Europe.
Knowing what happened to me if I gave up on my daily coco oil, we actually took  as much coco oil as we could fit into our luggage – about six litres! However that was not going to last me six months and we were worried about my symptoms returning. To make things worse, we did order some from the link on this page to be delivered to us but the delivery hit the famous Italian Augosto holiday, when Italy grinds to a stop as every public servant in the country goes to the beach. That, along with a labyrinthine customs department meant we didn’t see the oil for almost THREE months.

Luckily – very very luckily for me,
Cassie has been working on her version of the Paleo Diet called the Alkaline Paleo Diet. This means no bread, no grains, no sugar and as few carbs as possible. We have been on this diet for well over a year and have been very strict about it. Imagine Italy without pasta and gelati! Anyway, we continued the diet throughout our sojourn here and contrary to expectation, my mind has been getting better and better! Cassie researches the diet every day, and her explanation corresponded with a  number of scientific studies she found that showed that once our bodies switch over from a glucose-fuelled carb- based diet to a ketogenic metabolism, we are feeding the brain our traditional brain food rather than oxidising glucose.

So it appears that I (and Cassie) am in ketosis.
As soon as we get back to Australia we are buying a ketosis test kit to verify our conclusion and to track the ketone state in both of us.

As for me:
I am seriously ‘with it’ in my mind. I’m masterminding our worldwide launch of our new invention, the UltraStream antioxidant water filter, and my mind is on fire with creativity and planning!

Some people on YouTube
have suggested that I never had AZ in the first place, citing the fact that AZ is really only diagnosed in post mortem. To answer them, we used the AZ tests we found online to check my symptoms.
Here they are:

1. Short term memory loss: I would go to the supermarket and come home with the wrong thing over and over again.
2. Word recall failure: they were just not there.
3. Spatial Disorientation; I would reach for something on the kitchen bench and having grabbed it, I would sweep everything else off the bench. We went through a LOT of plates.
4. Depression.

BTW: I’ll be 66 in December. 

To download my book on Coco Oil for free,  go here.

To follow up on other stories I’ve discussed:


To order Coco oil if you are in the US,
It’s our experience that a small drop in quality (which may save a few dollars) does make a difference to the effect of the oil. My friend Dr Gerry Brady had wonderful results with coco oil and his lifelong asthma. He switched to a cheaper brand and his symptoms returned.

Here’s my link for the 855ml size and it will get you $5 off your first order  from the USA’s I-Herb, an excellent company.
Other sizes include: 3.79L,  445ml.

You can’t get Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil easily here in Australia. I suggest also bulk purchasing it from the US to keep freight to a minimum. Here is the same place in the US that I order from. This link should also give you $5 off your initial order.

Here in Australia we currently  supply NuiGini organic oil, (so we have a good supply for me at wholesale). We don’t make money on it.. and encourage you to buy it wherever you can.

The Nuigini website has a list of sellers. if you can’t access them, call us on 1300-AlkaWay and we’ll quote you for delivery. Cassie and I go through more than a  1L bottle a week. I was taking 6 tablespoons a day plus what we use in cooking, so it’s smart to order big and save on freight.

If you’d like to keep updated on the latest Alzheimers’ Research and news, I’d suggest you sign on and I’ll send you the info I get almost every day on this terrible disease.

Finally, if you are outside Australia and would like a copy of Dr Mary Newport’s excellent book, click here. I was really inspired by the down-to-earth approach she has to her husband’s problem.

If you are in Australia or NZ, click here.

Cassie’s list of foods you can eat on her Alkaline Paleo Diet can be found here.

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