Lead in your drinking water: don’t rely on tests!

This report from the Chicago Tribune is alarming to say the least. In tests of 29 homes’ drinking water, half showed unacceptable lead levels. The test was significant because for the first time, testers took more than the one litre the present testing requires. In most cases a one litre test was ‘clean’ but as they drew more litres from the tap, the problem of lead showed more clearly.

I’m amazed that they ever allowed the old testing regimen. It’s common knowledge that old homes with copper pipes and brazed joints have lead in the joints, which, if the water is acidic, are slowly eaten away by stationary water overnight. So it only makes sense that any test has to be first thing in the morning and that the tap should be run long enough for that concentration of lead-laded water to come out.

Of course it’s not so easy to rip out all of your old plumbing – especially when it’s built into a wall! But some modern water filters have the ability to filter lead. Look for KDF in the media mix of the water filter. It’s a proprietary media that has this ability, as well as the ability to remove other heavy metals, and to neutralise bacteria.

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